Who we ARE
Who are WE

In the era of the digital transformation revolution, volumes of business data grow in extreme paces both within and out of the enterprise. With this growth, endless business opportunities are constantly unfolding but also a constant demanding challenge to transform and become an Intelligent enterprise.



Who we ARE

iprosis a Data-driven Business Analytics solution company specializing in leading enterprises threw digital transformation. That is exactly why we chose three guiding principles to emphasize to ourselves and to our customer what iprosis is all about.




"The most dangerous phrase in the language is 'We've always done it this way' " 

(Said someone)


In an era of constant change and digitization of more and more of our business environment, we are obligated to poses the ability to Reinvent Rethink and Innovate. 





Digital Transformation is all about making your enterprise Intelligent using smarter and more accurate business processes based on statistical predictions or hyper-connectivity using IoT, making your enterprise become more efficient and prepared for the changing markets and competition.






"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough"       

(Albert Einstein)


Creating advanced data-driven solutions can often involve developing complex algorithms and sophistication. Even so, keeping smart and simple approach in designing the solution concepts, assure durability and sustainability.






Who are WE


iprosis was founded in 2013 by four friends and entrepreneurs in the field of Business Intelligence, with 15 years of experience in Analytics implementations. The company was founded on the belief that Analytical applications can be developed smarter and faster.

Since then we have teamed up with an experienced staff in order to achieve our vision and to become the leading SAP Business Analytics consulting company in Israel as we are today.




iprosis is proud to be an SAP Partner from the very beginning. Since 2014, iprosis is an official certified SAP Partner as a Value Added Re-seller.







In 2017, iprosis forms a partnership for exclusively reselling Galigeo, a leading company in the field of Geo Analytics over SAP Analytical tools.


Meet the  TEAM

Our team of experts offers extensive technological knowledge combined with deep comprehension in a variety of business processes and various sectors such as Automotive, Insurance, Banking, and more. Our consultants bring with them many years of Analytical experience and knowledge in different tools and areas. This shared knowledge may be the turning point for your firm in terms of business insights, predictions and online smart decision-making tools.

Amit Barkai

Chief Executive Officer

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Rafi Bouskila

Innovation Manager

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Yaniv Ben-noon

Business Development

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Dudi Michaely

Chief Technology Officer

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