BLAKE (DataBay) - Data Lake by Bazan

The BLAKE program

launched by the Bazan group, is an open community of technology
professionals and high-tech companies aimed at promoting research and innovation primarily
in the following fields: environment, sustainability, analytics, projections, efficiency, and
operational excellence.
Bazan is looking for enthusiastic Data Scientists that are interested in analyzing large
operational data sets from Bazan’s different facilities. We welcome all disciplines,
organizations, and academy.
Members of the program gain access to an open data repository extracted from Bazan’s
operational and production systems, with the goal to uncover opportunities for disruptive
innovations, growth, and additional revenue streams.
Bazan chose SNOWFLAKE application which enables DATA LAKE capabilities such as collecting
basic information from many different databases and presenting the information in a flexible,
convenient, and accessible way in the cloud.

License Plan:

License Period : 

Fee (USD) :​​

Data Lake Basic

30 days, monthly renewal

Free of charge

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Data Lake Premium



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