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Netafim - Irrigation Services & Solutions

Netafim is a Global firm specializing in Irrigation Services & Solutions based in Tel Aviv.

Netafim’s goal was “Simple”. Conducting periodic senior-management meetings based on a Coherent, Highly visual and Reliable set of dashboards and on the way getting rid of exhausting, manual updated, Excel sheets.

In the past, the meetings would require a long period, from the analyst’s side, preparing the data using excel and other tools. Furthermore, the data was presented was still and could not be refreshed.

The Project was to bring all the data and reports to the SAP Analytics Cloud and present the data in stories. This allowed building models and stories ONCE and then refreshing the data. SAP Analytics Cloud allowed the users to discover new insights, predict business scenarios, and interact with the data in real time.
Today, using the stories built on SAC, the customer can make better decisions by interacting with visualizations and answering business questions on the fly.

The SAP Analytics Cloud allowed us to develop the story and design it to look similar to the old reports so the customers would be familiar with the Analysis all the while adding advanced capabilities, efficiency and robustness.

SAP Analytics Cloud provides a singular BI gateway for the user to connect to various sources seamlessly.